In the section Experiences in Flowbox's Insights you'll find statistics on the number of people that load your Flows and engage with them in different ways. By keeping an eye on these numbers you can, at a glance, tell how well your Flows are performing 👀


Flow Sessions

The Flow Sessions number represents the total number of user sessions that have loaded your Flows during the selected time frame.

Engagement Rate

The Engagement Rate is the ratio of Engagements to the total number of Flow Sessions in the selected time frame

Engagements / Flow Sessions = Engagement Rate 

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

The CTR is the ratio of users who click Call to Action buttons to the total number of Flow sessions in the selected time frame.

Call to Action buttons are, for example, the product buttons in Flowbox's Post Popup.

Call to Actions / Flow Sessions = Click-Through Rate 

Flows and Posts

These lists provide a detailed breakdown on the information in the charts telling you how well each Flow and post perform. 🚀

This can be an easy way to tell whether or not your Flows are performing well enough. If your Flow is placed in a good spot on your page and if it's visible enough, it's likely to perform very well and get lots of engagements from your users 🙌

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