View your Insights for Commerce

To access the Insights menu:

1. Log into Flowbox.

2. Click on the 'Visual Marketing' menu.

3. The 'Insights' menu is at the bottom of the left-hand side.

4. The 'Experiences' menu shows you statistics on the number of people that load your Flows and engage with them in different ways.

5. If you have the Commerce product enabled in Flowbox, you'll also get the 'Commerce' section in Insights. This section provides you with information on how visible your products are and how much you sell through Flowbox.

  • You can always change the date range for your reports, in the top-right corner.
  • You can also show comparisons between the previous period and also the previous year.

Different charts in Commerce explained

Product Displays

Product Displays is the number of times any product has been visible to a user in a post in the selected timeframe.

Direct Conversion Rate

The Direct Conversion Rate is the ratio of direct orders to the number of clicks on product buttons in the selected time frame.

A Direct Order represents a completed purchase through Flowbox, i.e. the user has seen the product in the Flowbox Post Popup, pressed 'Buy' and proceeded to complete a purchase in your e-shop.

Direct Orders / Product Button Clicks = Direct Conversion Rate


Assisted Order Share

The Assisted Order Share is the ratio of orders indirectly attributed to Flowbox to the total number of completed orders for your e-shop in the selected time frame. Orders can only be indirectly attributed to Flowbox if the conversion takes place within thirty (30) days.

An order containing a product that's been seen by a user in the Flowbox Post Popup is an order indirectly attributed to Flowbox. This number is excluded from the number of direct orders.

Assisted Orders / Completed Orders = Assisted Order Share


Average Order Value

The Average Order Value is an average of all placed orders attributed to Flowbox, directly and indirectly, in the selected time frame.

Total Order Value / Number of Days = Average Order Value



This represents the total order value for orders attributed to Flowbox, directly and indirectly, in the selected time frame.

The data shown in Insights can help you decide if your Flow is placed in a good spot on your page and if it's visible enough. It's a good idea to test out Flow placement, style, and size and track the results to help improve engagement and conversions.

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