Start by going to "Moderate". Click on the cog wheel next to the Flow to access the Setup & Styling section.

Click on '"ADD SOURCE" and select "Custom". 

If you want an image from Instagram, you find the image URL by using “Inspect”. If you don’t use an Instagram image you can skip this step and paste in the image URL under "Post Image".

Go to the post and Right-click (or control-click on a Mac) on the image. Select "Inspect".

The image URL is the div above from where you're oriented to. Open it in a new tab and copy the URL. Paste in the URL in "Post Image URL".

To find the URL to "Profile Image URL". You just need to Right-click on the Instagram profile picture and open it in a new tab. Copy the link and paste it in "Profile Image URL". Then fill in the other fields. ✏️

Click save and you've now created a custom post! 🎉

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