How to create a Custom Post

Upload your own images and create custom posts in Flowbox

Written by Davy Laudet
Updated over a week ago

Do you want to create a completely custom Flow with your own images, or add that one special image to a regular Flow? Then take advantage of our Custom Post feature which allows you to upload any image and create customized posts.

How to create a Custom Post

1. When in a Flow, click on 'Create Post' in the top-right corner.


2. A new box will pop up. Give the post a username, or anything that you want to be visible instead of a username. NOTE: you cannot go back and edit this username.

4. Write a post caption.

5. Add an URL to an image to create a Profile Picture. NOTE: you cannot go back and edit this image.

6. Click on 'Choose Media' to open Library.

7. Select the image that you want, or upload a new one, and click on 'Insert'.

8. Click on 'Create Post'.

9. All done! You've now created a Custom Post. โœจ
You can now add tags, tag products, and distribute this post in your Flows.

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