Start by going to "Moderate", select a flow and click on a post. 

  1. Approve or reject a posts. 
  2. Take the post back to "Inbox" from "Approved" or "Rejected". 
  3. Download media to your computer or block the user.

Right Request

The views will look different depending on which source the post has been collected by. First click to the hammer icon and select the template you want, click on
"Send Right Request".

Auto-Approve = If the post author replies with your specified key hashtag, the post will automatically be marked as granted and approved if Auto-Approve is enabled. 

If it's not a mention post you need to follow the steps and click to "Request Posted".

Read this article if you want to learn more about Right Request.


From here you distribute your posts. Click on the search field and select the flows you want to distribute the post to then click add.

Add Products

From the shopping cart icon you add your products or add/edit a CTA button.
Search on the product ID or the product name to find the product you want. If you don't have a product catalog see this article of how you get started.

Dynamic Tag Flow

The next icon is for adding/create tags for "Dynamic Tag Flows". Dynamic Tag Flows are a great way to dynamically extend your regular Flows by pulling in posts from other Flows see this article about implementing a Tag Flow. 

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