Create a template

First you need to create a Rights Request template. You do this in Engage and Templates. Click on the blue button Create Template.

Select Rights Request. The key hashtag is the key word we need in order to retrieve the reply from the user. Once we've found the key hashtag, the status changes from "pending" to "author replied" or "granted". Make sure that your key hashtag is included in the Rights Request Template. Click "Save & Close" and you're done!

Rights Request statuses

Declined 🚫  The post has not been replied with the keyword within seven days.
πŸ“€ The request has been sent out
Author Replied πŸ“₯ We got an answer from the user but they have not replied with the key word.
Granted βœ… - The user has replied on the right request with the key word.

Send Right Request

The next step is to send the Rights Request. Start by going to Moderate and click on the post you want to send a rights request to. The views will look differently depending on which source the post has been collected by. This is due Instagrams API.Β 

Post that includes a mention

If the post has a mention you can send the rights request directly in Flowbox without opening the post in IG.

Click on the hammer icon and select the template you want, click on
"Send Right Request" and you're done. 🎊

Posts collected by any other sources

Click on the hammer and follow the steps. When you have completed the three steps, check the Auto-Approve button if you want the post automatically be marked as granted. Flowbox then automatically approves the post and moves it to the approved folder when the poster has answered with the key word. Click on
"Request Posted" and you're done. 🎊

Post don't show username

If the username is not displayed in a post it has been collected by a hashtag source. When the user replies on your right request the username will be shown. This is due to Instagram's API regulations.

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