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The Carousel Theme has 2 arrow buttons to scroll through the content. It's possible to edit them to make them more minimalist, or to adapt them your site's look and feel:

To achieve this effect, paste this CSS code in the "CSS" section of the Flow's Styling Settings:

.bzfy-t-feed-carousel .bzfy-c-carousel-control {
background-color: transparent !important;

.bzfy-t-feed-carousel .bzfy-c-carousel-control svg {
max-width: 2em;
  max-height: 2em;

.bzfy-t-feed-carousel .bzfy-c-carousel-control polygon {
fill: #000;

.bzfy-t-feed-carousel .bzfy-c-carousel-control polygon:hover {
fill: #000;

If you want to customize the color of the arrows, you can add this CSS code:

.bzfy-feed-gate-control {
background-color: #FFF !important;

.bzfy-icon polygon {
fill: #46adb8 !important;

Change '#46adb8' to the hex color code that you want. In this example it's turquoise.

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