Verify the Checkout script

Are you not receiving any sales numbers Analytics? Go through these steps to make sure that the Checkout script is correctly implemented.

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1. Check for errors when running the script on-site

  1. Perform a test purchase or execute the script in your testing environment. Keep your browser console open and check for possible errors coming from bzfy-checkout.js:1 

  2. If you get an error message, its content should be enough to find out what might be causing it. Here is an example of what it could look like:

2. Verify request payload data

Perform a test purchase and verify that you have made the POST request with response code 200.

  1. In your browser inspector, go to the Network tab.

  2. Click on the checkout request. It's named "events", in case you don't find it you can also search for anything related to "Getflowbox" or "Flowbox":

  3. Validate request method and status code.

  4. Go to the bottom of this request's 'Headers' where you can see formed payload data from the checkout script (under Request Payload - as visible on screenshot above).

Verify that the payload contains the following,

  1. apiKey – Your Checkout Script API Key.

  2. products – An array of products. The products are represented as Javascript object with the properties id (a string or number), quantity (a number), price (a number) and currency (a string). E.g. { id: 1, quantity: 5, price: 49.95, currency: 'EUR' } .

  3. orderId – A number indicating the ID of the order.

3. Verify product ID

Perform a test purchase and verify that the product ID passed to the script matches the product ID used to identify the product in Flowbox.

Your shopping feed should've been imported to your Flowbox account by now. In the feed, there usually are a few different ID-attributes used to identify products, out of which one needs to be selected when importing the shopping feed.

The Checkout script needs to be configured with the same product identifier as is used to identify the products in the feed. To check what ID is being used follow these steps,

  1. Go to the ‘Visual Marketing’ tab in Flowbox.

  2. Click on ‘Products’ (under 'Commerce') in the menu to access the product list.

  3. Search for the product, either by its name or its ID.

  4. Validate that the ID is the same as the one in the Checkout script.

4. Content Security Policy (CSP) Error

Content Security Policy (CSP) is a W3C standard providing a layer of protection against Cross-Site Scripting (XSS). CSP policy allows blocking/allowing content from specified domains and avoiding the content coming from unapproved origin.

If you see an error message that states that the checkout script could not load due to Content Security Policy, you will need to add Flowbox to your CDN whitelist.

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