Moderate – The place to be 

Moderate is probably the section where you will be spending most time in since it's the hub of Flowbox. We will exam you on this, so read this carefully 👨🏼‍🏫 

Moderate is the place where you will do most of the work. From here you create flows and manage them which includes design and deciding what content you want to show in each flow and so on. You also ask your customers for permission to use their content from here, make the content shoppable and visible on site. Everything from Moderate.

But let's turn on our nitty gritty mode so you understand it all. 🔍

Create a new Flow 

Start by going to 'Moderate' and click in the blue 'Create Flow' button. We recommend you to name your Flow after where it is/will be placed in your website, e.g. "Home page", so it is easy to identify. 

We highly recommend you to create a general flow called "Masterflow", "Company Name Inbox" or something appropriate. This flow will only be used as an inbox for yourself and will not be visible for your customers. This will be the flow where you collect all content from various and multiple sources, take actions on the content and then distribute the content to different flows so it goes live and visible on your website. With this workflow you will have better overview of the content influx and a cleaner account. 

Connect a Source

Make sure you have connected your Social Media accounts in order to add a Source

It's now time to connect a source to your Flow. A source is, for example, a hashtag or a user you wish to collect content from. Don't forget that we recommend to only connect sources to your "Masterflow", and perhaps to a second flow if you want to have an Insta-shop where you mirror your Instagram Feed. 

Click on the cogwheel next to the Flow you just created to access the Setup & Styling section.

Click on 'Sources' and choose which social media platform you wish to add a source for.

When you have picked the platform you wish to collect content from, for example Instagram, you need to define what type of source it is. For Instagram, you are able to use either hashtag, user name, mention and/or photo tag. You can add several sources from multiple platforms on the same Flow.

Note: You need a Facebook Business and Instagram Business account to be able to collect content using @mentions and photo tags.

Filters - Activate if you only want to collect content with a specific word or phrase in the post caption.
Require Approval - Having 'Require Approval' deactivated will result in all content being collected in the flow to be automatically Approved.
Buttons - Activate if you want all content from this source to automatically have a custom call-to-action button on every post. You can also do this later on on a post level, and if you are planning to add products on your post - you don't need to active this. 

Define the source you want to collect from and hit 'Create'. Your Flow will now start to collect content 🎉

In a few seconds you will have some fresh content in your Inbox, so the next step is to learn how Rights Requests works. 

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