Rights Request – How to ask your customers for permission to use their content?

Rights Request is the term that we use for the messages you send out to your customers when you want permission to use their posts. We have made it really easy for you to grant rights to posts - directly from the platform. Here is how it works 👨‍🏫:

Create a template 🏗

First you need to create a Rights Request template. You do this in Engage > Templates. Click on the blue button Create Template.

Select Rights Request. The key hashtag is the key word we need in order to retrieve the reply from the user. Make sure that your key hashtag is included in the Rights Request template. Click "Save & Close" and you're done! We recommend you to create at least two different templates per language. This in order to prevent triggering Instagrams spam filter, but more importantly, to be more personal to your customers who often publishes posts about you on Instagram. 

Send Right Request 🕊

The next step is to send the Rights Request. Start by going to Moderate and click on the post you want to send a Rights Request to. The views will look differently depending on which source the post has been collected by. This is due to Instagram's API restrictions. 

Please also note that private posts will not be collected due to API restrictions.

Post that includes a @mention

If the post has a mention you can send the rights request directly in Flowbox without opening the post in IG.

Click on the hammer icon and select the template you want, click on
"Send Right Request" and you're done. 🎊

Posts collected by any other sources

Click on the hammer and follow the steps. When you have completed the three steps, check the Auto-Approve button if you want the post automatically to be marked as granted. Flowbox then automatically approves the post and moves it to the approved folder when the poster has answered with the key word. Click on
"Request Posted" and you're done. 🎊

Posts without a username

If the username is not displayed in a post it has been collected by a hashtag source. But don't worry, when the user replies on your right request, the username will be shown. This is due to Instagram's API regulations.

Rights Request statuses

It is important to understand the differences between the various statuses of Rights Requests. Below you can find an explanation on all of them.

  • Pending 📤 The request has been sent out, but there is no reply from the user yet.
  • Declined 🚫 The post has not been replied to with the correct key hashtag within seven days.
  • Author Replied 📥 We got an answer from the user but they did not reply in the correct way. This can happen when a user uses the wrong hashtag, or no hashtag whatsoever, or when the user is not able to add more hashtags; There is a limit of 30 hashtags on Instagram posts and comments. If a users tries to add more than 30 hashtags the post or comment will not be shared. You can manually approve these messages with the green check icon .
  • Whitelisted - These users have been whitelisted on your Flowbox account. For instance, because you have a partnership with them, so you already have their rights. You only need to manually approve these messages with the green check icon .
  • Granted ✅ - The user has replied on the right request with the key hashtag.

As you might have seen in our Rights Request template, we referred to an URL. Here is where we recommend you to refer to your own legal page with terms & conditions that your customers accept whenever they give consent to your request. We are no lawyers and don't have a standard template for this, however we have seen all episodes of Suits and think that these examples down below are useful.👩🏽‍⚖️

  1. Example of legal page from Kicks 
  2. Example of legal page from Stadium
  3. Example of legal page from Åhléns

If you want inspiration on how you can phrase your Rights Request templates, check out #yesFootway, #yesCasall and #yesRoyalDesign directly on Instagram and the posts comment sections to see various examples. 

Have you created your Rights Request containing a link to your legal page? You're awesome! 👊🏼 Now it's time to manage your posts

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