As soon as you start to grant rights to your customers content, a folder named "Rights Granted" will automatically be created – and instantly filled with new content every time you grant the rights to a post. You can see Library as your own image bank – filled with a lot of tasty user-generated content. 😋

You can also upload your own content directly from Dropbox/Google Drive/your computer and create your own folders to structure your social media posts, e.g. week per week or for specific campaigns. These folders will also be accessible from our Publish tool as well. 👌🏼

Photo Editor

Raw, genuine and authentic user-generated content is of course the best. But sometimes you might want to tweak your customer photos just a little bit to make sure it matches your Instagram Feed. Then you can edit your photos via our own Photo Editor. See an example down below and try it our yourself. 👨🏽‍🎨

No homework here either?! 🙀 Nope! But feel free to try how Library works. It's quite powerful if you use it in the right way. You might want to upload an image or two if you have not granted rights to any - because the next step is to Publish content.

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