Changing the language of your Flow

Learn how to translate the text in your Flow(s)

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Changing the language in your Flowbox Flow is done by changing the value of the locale property in the embed code.

Changing the language

If you want to display your Flow in another language, pass in the locale property. This needs to have both a language and a region code to work correctly: e.g. en-EU (language: English - region: Europe) or da-DK (language: Danish - region: Denmark). In order to get a correct translation, you will have to pick a language from the list below.

The texts in the Flow will be displayed in the selected language, regardless of the region selected. This doesn't apply to the CTA button text, which needs to be changed in the catalog configuration modal window. As this window can't be accessed once the catalog has been configured, please contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

NOTE: If you pass in an unsupported locale, buttons and text will be displayed in English.

See the example here for how to pass it into the 'init' method of the window.flowbox function correctly:

window.flowbox('init', {
container: '#js-flowbox-flow',
key: 'Your-Second-Flow-Key',
locale: 'fr-FR'

Our Supported Languages:

Arabic ar

Finnish fi

Korean ko

Russian ru

Bulgarian bg

French fr

Latvian lv

Slovak sk

Simplified Chinese zh

German de

Lithuanian lt

Slovenian sl

Croatian hr

Greek el

Malay ms

Spanish es

Czech cs

Hungarian hu

Norwegian Bokmål nb

Swedish sv

Danish da

Icelandic is

Norwegian no

Thai th

Dutch nl

Indonesian id

Polish pl

Turkish tr

English en

Italian it

Portuguese pt

Ukrainian uk

Estonian et

Japanese ja

Romanian ro

Vietnamese vi

Our Supported Regions:

Even though regions don't affect the language, they can affect how prices are displayed. For instance:

  • ES region: 299 €

  • SV region: EUR 299

Argentina: -AR

Finland: -FI

Lithuania: -LT

Singapore: -SG

Australia: -AU

France: -FR

Luxembourg: -LU

Slovakia: -SK

Austria: -AT

Germany: -DE

Macau: -MO

South Africa: -ZA

Belgium: -BE

Global: -GL

Malaysia: -MY

South Korea: -KR

Brazil: -BR

Greece: -GR

Malta: -MT

Spain: -ES

Bulgaria: -BG

Guatemala: -GT

Mexico: -MX

Sweden: -SE

Canada: -CA

Hong Kong: -HK

Monaco: -MC

Switzerland: -CH

Chile: -CL

Hungary: -HU

Morocco: -MA

Taiwan: -TW

China: -CN

Iceland: -IS

New Zealand: -NZ

Thailand: -TH

Colombia: -CO

India: -IN

Norway: -NO

The Netherlands:


Costa Rica: -CR

Indonesia: -ID

Peru: -PE

Turkey: -TR

Croatia: -HR

Ireland: -IE

Philippines: -PH

Ukraine: -UA

Cyprus: -CY

Israel: -IL

Poland: -PL

United Arab Emirates: -AE

Czechia: -CZ

Italy: -IT

Portugal: -PT

United Kingdom: -GB

Denmark: -DK

Japan: -JP

Qatar: -QA

United States: -US

Egypt: -EG

Latvia: -LV

Romania: -RO

Vietnam: -VN

Estonia: -EE

Latvia: -LV

Russia: -RU

Europe: -EU

Lebanon: -LB

Saudi Arabia: -SA

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