With Social Insights, you can track the performance of all of your social media posts.

All of your data is collected in one place so that you can visualize both post-level and channel-level metrics as well as get an overview of how each account performs.

Discover which posts are driving the highest engagement and find out the sweet spot (when your followers are the most active) for what time to publish. Currently, we only provide data/metrics for Instagram, but we are working hard to also provide popular and valuable metrics for Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter in the very near future.

Connecting your social insights to Flowbox

To manage your Instagram insights in Flowbox, you need to set up a one-time additional approval (after having connected your Instagram channels to Flowbox). You can set up this approval by going to 'Publish' -> 'Account' and then click 'Configure Permissions.'

NOTE: Only the Flowbox user that originally connected your Facebook Business account to Flowbox can do this action.

View your Insights

To access the Insights menu:

1. Log into Flowbox.

2. Click on the 'Publish' menu.

3. The 'Insights' menu is at the bottom of the left-hand side.

4. You can view both for Account and Post level data (explained below).

Account selector:

Select 'Account' in the top bar to see the metrics associated with the account.

Date picker:

Select a date range in the top bar to see the metrics associated with the account.

Metrics are divided between account-level metrics and post-level metrics.

Account-level metrics

The account level metrics listed below cover statistics about your entire social media account. They combine all the data from individual posts and they cover data unique to your entire account.

Account growth

Total number of followers gained or lost within the specified period.

  • Follower growth

  • Reach

  • Impressions

Profile activity

Total number of users who have viewed the Business Account's profile within the specified period.

Follower online activity

Tracks your account‘s followers‘ average online activity the last 30 days.

This is also called a Calendar Heat Map. It's a visual heat map illustrated as a calendar week and it’s based on your connected Instagram account’s followers’ rolling average online activity the last 30 days. Now you can take a look at your followers' online activity to see top peek intervals and to determine what time of the day they’re most likely to engage with your content. With the data from the Calendar Heat Map, you can schedule posts at the optimal time and be confident that you reach and engage with your followers when they are most active. To learn more about your accounts’ online activity and the best time to schedule, please go to Publish/Insights/Account and check out the Calendar Heat Map for any of your connected Instagram accounts.

Gender and age

Displays data broken down by age and gender.


Includes a breakdown of your data by country, cities and languages.

  • Country

  • Cities

  • Languages

Post-level metrics

The metrics below cover the performance of individual posts.

  • Engagement rate

    The reactions and comments on a post. Clicks are not included.

  • Likes

    Likes on a post. Facebook likes on shares are not included.

  • Comments

    Comments on a post. Facebook replies to comments and comments on shares are not included.

  • Saves

    Saves of Instagram posts.

  • Impressions

    The number of times the post was shown in a person's feed.

  • Reach

    The number of people that saw the post in their feed.

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