Plugin installation 👷‍♂️

In order to use the Flowbox plugin on Shopware, you need to first install your plugin through Shopware's plugin manager.

When you click on 'Config' in your Shopware account, you can:

  • Set the default language of the Flow for your shops.

  • Assign different 'Flow Keys'.

  • Configure where the Flows should be displayed (homepage, product pages).

To find your 'Flow Key', log into Flowbox and select your Flow, then click on the meatball (three-dot) menu to copy the key:

Implementing Flowbox 🏗

After installation and setup are completed, you can implement Flowbox on your website pages.

First, you need to go to 'Shopping Experience' in Shopware. When you click on 'Add' and select 'Commerce', you can drag the Flowbox element to the page where you want the Flow to be displayed.

Second, after clicking on the 'Configuration Wheel', you can add the 'Flow Key' that you want to use. NOTE: The 'Flow Key' can be found in your Flowbox account.

Dynamic Tag Flow 🏷

If you have set up Dynamic Tag Flow(s) in Flowbox, you can now also 'enable filters' for your Flow by entering the Tags that you've created in your Flowbox account. These tags need to be entered in the ‘Tags’ box, but you should only add 1 tag per line!

Please note: the first Tag will also be the primary Tag to be shown on this page. For example, when the Tag 'All' is entered first, this page will show all posts with this Tag by default. When the visitor clicks on another Tag they will see the content for this newly selected Tag. Therefore, it is recommended to have an ‘All’ tag as the first tag.

In the ‘Tab Menu Tag’ you can set up the filter buttons. Here you can copy what you’ve done in the ‘Tag’ box above, to have a one-on-one copy of the Tags, or choose different names for the Tags used above.

Below image shows Shopware 5 view:

Dynamic Product Flow 🛒

To enable Dynamic Product Flows on your product detail pages, you need to enable two settings in the Flow's settings in Shopware:

  1. 'Show Flow on product detail page' – Yes.
    This setting will enable the Flow to be displayed on the product detail pages.

  2. 'Dynamic Flow based on product ID' – Yes.
    Enabling this (in addition to the previous) setting makes sure that the Flow only shows user generated content of the product displayed on the product detail page.

To finalize your Flowbox plugin for Shopware, simply click on 'Done' and all updates will be saved. 🚀

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