First, read this article to learn about installing the Flowbox plugin for Magento 2.0.

Don't have Magento 2? The Flowbox plugin is not supported for Magento 1 due to security reasons. If you are looking to upgrade to Magento 2, get in touch and we will connect you with our expert partners.

Widget options

It's now time to explore the 'Widget Options' in Magento. There are three types of Flowbox integrations available as widgets:

  1. Default (standard Flow).

  2. Dynamic Tag Flow.

  3. Dynamic Product Flow.

In Magento, on the left-hand side, you can find the tab named 'Widget Options'. Here you can choose what type of Flow (widget) you want to set up. Each option has its own specific setting:

1. Flowbox widget: Default

For this option, you only need to add the 'Flow Key'. There is also an additional option of enabling 'Lazy Loading'.

2. Flowbox Widget: Dynamic Tag

In addition to all of the options listed for the 'Default' option, there are two extra fields:

  • 'Tags': Here you can sum the relevant tags that you want to display on your page. NOTE: these must correlate with the tags that you have set up in Flowbox.

  • 'Show Tag Bar': Enabling this will show filters (based on the tags) on your pages. An example is displayed below:

3. Flowbox Widget: Dynamic Product

This option again adds different fields compared to the 'Default' option, most importantly the 'Product Identifier'. This allows you to show posts related to a specific product, however, this field is not mandatory.

The 'Product Identifier Attribute' (mandatory) determines the actual identifier. Please make sure that this is the same identifier as applied in your Flowbox account.

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