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Are you a Voyado customer? Great! Look no further than our step-by-step guide to getting started with Flowbox Flows in your emails. 📧

Thanks to our Voyado integration, incorporating Flows in Voyado only requires a few updates on the Admin side in Flowbox, and then complete your design via the drag and drop function in Voyado.

Preparing your Flow(s) for email

First, log into your Flowbox account and select your Flow. Make a note of the 'Flow Key', you will need this later.

To find your 'Flow Key', select your Flow, then click on the meatball (three-dot) menu to copy the key:

Click on the 'Settings' (cogwheel) menu for your Flow and in the menu on the left-hand side you will see 'Email'.

  • Styling will be done later in Voyado, so you can ignore this section in Flowbox.

  • Under 'Settings', you have three options for your Flow:

  1. Choose 'First product (Static)' if you want the images to be directly linked to the first product tagged to the post.

  2. Choose 'Custom CTA (Static)' if you want the images to be linked to any Custom CTA button attached to the post.

  3. Choose 'All to same URL (Dynamic)' if you want all of the images to be linked to the same URL (Fallback URL). This version of the Email Flow will also update with any newly distributed posts. NOTE: The posts will not contain any product info, CTA buttons or usernames.

Both 'Static' settings will include username, product name, price and link to either product or CTA button.

The 'Dynamic' setting will automatically update the Flow with new posts, but will not capture username, product name, price nor a link to either product or CTA button. It will only link to the Fallback URL.

Adding your Flow in Voyado

  1. Once you're happy with the styling and set up of your Flow in Flowbox, log into your Voyado account to set up your Flow.

  2. Open up your email editor in Voyado.

  3. Add the Flowbox module and drag it to where you wish to position it in your email.

  4. Add your 'Flow key' in the panel on the right-hand side,

  5. Click on 'Fetch data'.

  6. Success! 🚀You'll now see the Flow images in your Voyado email template. You can now edit the header and prepare your email for sending.

It is recommended to use the Dynamic setting if you are sending multiple emails and you don't want to update the Flow settings each time, but want to display newly distributed images.

Tagging products for different markets (locales)

If you are planning on using your Flow in multiple emails intended for different markets (locales), it's important you carry out the following step:

  1. Select 'First product (Static)' in the Settings.

  2. Then click on 'View Email Embed Code'.

  3. Select the Product Catalog for your intended market.

  4. Save your settings.

Talk to your Client Manager at Voyado if you are interested in adding a dynamic Flowbox module to your Voyado experience.

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