This month we launched our much-anticipated UGC DPA feature – allowing users to add user generated content in dynamic product ads on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram.

With UGC DPA, users can automatically replace traditional white background product images in dynamic product ads with authentic photos created by their customers in a real-life environment. The functionality is integrated with Facebook, Instagram and Messenger as a first step. Other feed based channels could be added later.

Our UGC DPA feature allows you to generate a xml feed filled with product-specific user generated content instead of white background product images – ready to be utilized in your dynamic product ads on Facebook and Instagram. It may sound complicated, but it's super simple – here is how it works. 🤓

  1. Gather content from social media channels into Flowbox. Send requests and gain rights to use your customers’ content across ads, and tag the content with products.

  2. Select your existing product feed which you want to modify, apply your desired rules and settings and let Flowbox generate a feed filled with user generated content accordingly.

  3. Import the new feed into Facebook Catalog Manager and launch your campaign.

More about UGC DPA

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Improved image & video handling

We are pleased to announce that we are now offering responsive, optimized images throughout our Flows. Images are now served, lazy loaded and in the modern webP format. That means that they are optimized to serve the best size for your customers' device type, screen size and resolution. What does this mean for you? Better quality images, with less data transferred, faster! 🚀

We have also made some small UI fixes throughout our Flows including a smoother loading experience in our card theme as well as a loading animations when navigating in the gate. Also, the gate itself is now bigger, which means larger quality images and more products visible for your customers! 💥

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