The first step to getting started with Flowbox is to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts, so that you can collect content to your Flows. You can add other social media accounts and pages later.

Before you begin, make sure that you are an Administrator of your Facebook Business Account(s) and that your Instagram account(s) are connected as well.

  1. Click on the 'Settings' (cogwheel) menu in the lower-left corner to enter company settings.

  2. Go the the 'Accounts' tab.

  3. Click on the blue 'Connect new account' button and click on Facebook.

If you don't want Flowbox to be able to access all of your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, click on "Edit Settings" when you get to this step:

Deselect the Instagram accounts and Facebook pages you don't want want to grant Flowbox permission to (but make sure to select corresponding Facebook pages and Instagram accounts for the ones you do choose to allow access to):

When connecting to Facebook, you will be asked for your personal account, which is completely normal. It won't collect any of your personal content, only from the pages your personal Facebook account is connected to.

By connecting your Facebook Business Account, your associated Instagram account(s) will also be connected.

If you have connected everything successfully, it should look like this:

Adding more than one Facebook/Instagram Business Account

It is possible to add multiple Facebook and Instagram Business Accounts to Flowbox. In order to do this, you need to make sure that these accounts are all added by the same person, and that this person is an Administrator on all Facebook Business Accounts.

It's best practice to connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts before connecting any other social media channels.

If you experience any issues when connecting your accounts and Facebook pages, take a look at this article (how to reconnect your Facebook account).

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