Once you've added a source to your Flow, such as your Instagram account or a specific hashtag, you may want to edit or delete this source at a later date.

Delete source

It's very easy to delete a source in Flowbox.

If you no longer want to receive content from a certain source, just click on the source, and then click on the red 'Delete Source' button (shown below).

Pause source

If you don't want to completely delete a source, but wish to stop collecting content from said source for a while, you can do so very easily in Flowbox.

Click on the source, then in the 'Edit Source' box, you can switch the 'Pause Source' toggle on (shown below).

When you want to collect content from this source again, simply switch the 'Pause Source toggle' off, and the source will no longer be paused.

Source approval settings

By default, the 'Require Approval' toggle button is turned on for every source. If you wish to change this setting, you can.

Click on the source, then in the 'Edit Source' box, you can switch the 'Require Approval' toggle off (shown below).

If you switch the 'Require Approval' toggle off, all content collected from this source will immediately be displayed in your Flow.

This setting is only recommended for your Business account sources (such as your company's Instagram account), where you can be sure that all collected content is ready to be displayed elsewhere.

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