Add Twitter as a source

Add Twitter a source and collect content to your Flows

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Adding Twitter as a source πŸ’™

Once Twitter is connected to your account, you can add Twitter as a source to your Flows by following these steps:

  1. Go to 'Visual Marketing' > 'Flows' and select the settings of the Flow to which you want to add Twitter as a source.

  2. On the bottom-left of this Flow's settings, you can add Sources. You can now select 'Hashtag' or 'Username' or 'Mentions' as type:
    - 'Hashtag' will collect posts that include a specified hashtag. NOTE: Do not write '#Flowbox', just write 'Flowbox' without the hashtag in the box.
    - 'Username' will collect posts from a designated username.
    - 'Mentions' will collect posts that include a specified keyword.

From now on, all new Twitter content will now appear in the Inbox of this Flow and can easily be approved and used for your Flows.

In order to avoid duplicates in the system, we recommend only connecting a source to one Flow, such as your Masterflow, and then distributing the posts to other Flows.

In order to add Twitter as a source, you need to have already connected your Twitter account to Flowbox.

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