My Facebook/Instagram account has been disconnected. What do I do now?

Follow our troubleshooting guide to reconnect your Facebook and Instagram business accounts.

Why can't I connect Instagram to Flowbox?

You may need to first connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Business Account. This guide from Facebook explains how to do this.

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Our guide to connecting Instagram

Our troubleshooting guide to reconnecting Facebook and Instagram

How can I add multiple Instagram accounts to Flowbox?

First, you need to connect all of the Instagram accounts that you want to add to your main Facebook Business Page. This guide from Facebook shows you how to do this.

Once this is done, you can connect your Facebook Business Account and select which Instagram accounts and pages you wish to add to Flowbox.

Our Facebook/Instagram account got disconnected a week ago. Can we retrieve the content that we missed?

Unfortunately not. If you receive an email that your Facebook Business Manager has been disconnected, it's best to reconnect the account immediately to ensure no content is missed.

Facebook has a 24 hour limitation on collecting content from a source, so old posts cannot be retrieved.

Can I add more than one Facebook Business Account?

Yes, it is possible to add multiple Facebook and Instagram Business Accounts to Flowbox. In order to do this, you need to make sure that these accounts are all added by the same person, and that this person is an Administrator on all Facebook Business Accounts. See our guide on how to connect your Facebook Business Account(s).

Can I collect content from Instagram Reels or IGTV?

As of right now, this feature is not available on Flowbox.

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