How to activate Flowscore

How to get started with our statistical sorting algorithm Flowscore

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First of all, make sure that Flowscore is included in your Flowbox package. If you want to add this feature, get in touch to discuss upgrade options.

How to activate Flowscore

1. The first step is to select the Flow that you want to activate Flowscore for.

2. Next, click on the 'Settings' (cogwheel) menu.

3. In the left-hand menu, under 'Setup', click on 'Flowscore'.

4. Again in the left-hand menu, switch the 'Enable Flowscore' toggle on.

5. That's it! The posts in the Flow will now be sorted via the Flowscore algorithm. ๐Ÿฅ‡

Disable Flowscore

Should you want to disable Flowscore, you can do so at any time. Simply switch the 'Enable Flowscore' toggle back off, and your posts will again be sorted chronologically.

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