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The different sources available in Engage
The different sources available in Engage

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all in one inbox.

Written by Davy Laudet
Updated over a week ago

You can create several sources and event filters in Engage Inboxes, to help gather all of your incoming messages and comments in one place.


  • Mentions in a comment on any post.

  • Mentions in a caption on any post.

  • Comments on your own posts.

For Instagram, you're also able to collect tickets based on historical data.


  • Replies to your tweets.


  • Messages from your messenger conversations.

  • Comments on posts on your page feed.

When a person reaches out to you through Messenger you have 24 hours to respond. If the person does not send a new message after the 24 hours are up no more messages can be sent back. This is due to Facebook policy.

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