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How to create templates for Engage in Flowbox

Written by Davy Laudet
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Types of templates

There are three types of templates that you can create and use in Flowbox:

Rights Request template
Used when sending Right Requests.

Thank you template
Template used when sending a thank you message after an approved Rights Request.

Inbox template
A place to create a custom message template for your Engage Inboxes.

How to create a template

1. In Flowbox, click on the 'Engage' menu.

2. Select 'My Templates'.

3. Click on 'Create Template'.

4. Select your template type, for example 'Rights Request' and give your template a name, then click on 'Next'.

4. Give your message a key hashtag and then the message. Make sure to include your key hashtag in the message.

5. Want the post to be automatically approved once the Rights Request has been granted? Switch the 'Auto-Approve' toggle on.

6. When done, click 'Save & Close'.

Next steps

Repeat this same process for the template types 'Thank you template' and 'Inbox template'. πŸŽ‰

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