Improvements to UGC DPA

Last December we released UGC DPA – a feature that, by replacing your white background product images with inspiring and authentic product-specific UGC, brings your prospecting and retargeting campaigns on Facebook family apps to life.

Since the release, we have continued to develop the feature to make it even better, and today we are happy to introduce three key updates.

  1. Flowscore in UGC DPA. If you haven’t heard of Flowscore before, it’s our statistical algorithm that helps optimize Flows, creating a unique and dynamic sorting based on what content performs best. Read more about it here.
    Now, we are integrating Flowscore into UGC DPA. If you are on the UGC DPA Premium plan, you will have the possibility to prioritize the selection of UGC assets based on Flowscore, which will automatically select the highest performing content in your Flows to your ads – instead of chronological order.

  2. Additional distribution channel: Criteo. Are you advertising on the open Internet through Criteo? If so, great, because now you have the opportunity to generate a UGC DPA feed specifically for Criteo to unlock your potential with user generated content in their advertising space too.

  3. CSV format. We have now added support for CSV format as input to UGC DPA. In the past, we only supported RSS XML format, but with this update, we have opened up this functionality to more users.

More about UGC DPA

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Enhanced post view in Social Insights

We know how important data is for you in order to optimize your social media strategy. Therefore, we are excited to present an enhanced post view in Social Insights with new valuable key performance indicators to look at, as well as a new fresh look:

Other fixes & improvements

  • Added support for global catalogs in Commerce

  • Added support for users of Voyado integration to fetch local product information

  • New fresh look to Flowbox Insights

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