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How to create and schedule an Instagram story in the Flowbox Publish section

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Flowbox supports Instagram story creation and customization. This article covers all of the Flowbox features available for creating and scheduling Instagram stories.

To create regular Instagram posts, check out this article.

How to create an Instagram Stories post

1. Log into Flowbox and go to 'Publish' in the main menu.

2. In the left-hand menu, click on 'Schedule' or 'Content'.

3. Click on the blue 'Create Post' button.

4. In the modal, choose which Instagram account that you would like to publish your post on. NOTE: You can only select one account.

5. Select the post type 'Story' and click on the blue 'Next' button in the lower right-hand corner.

6. Tab: 'Content'

  • Start by clicking on 'Add media' to select what content from the Library you would like to publish. The media object type could either be an image, or a video, or both. You can select more than one object (carousel).

  • Continue by adding a URL to the textbox 'Url', preferred location to 'Preferred Location' (Optional), and notes to 'Notes'.

  • When you're done, click on the blue 'Next' button.

7. Tab: 'Schedule'

  • Select publish date and time in the date and time picker.

  • Select the timezone.

  • When you're done, click on the blue 'Next' button.

8. Tab: 'Publisher'

  • Select the publisher in the dropdown.

  • Select which notification channel you want to receive a notification on when it's time to publish the post. You can select more than one notification channel.

  • If you want the post approved by a colleague, switch the 'Send for Approval' toggle on.

  • When you're done, click on the blue 'Next' button.

9. Tab: 'Prepare'

  • This step is unfortunately unavailable for Stories because Flowbox is unable to collect products and tags in Story format.

  • Click on the blue 'Schedule' button.

10. Your story is now scheduled and you will receive a notification on the selected notification channel when it's time to publish your story.

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