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Using your Engage inboxes

How to assign tickets, respond to customers and manage your inbox

Updated over a week ago

Once you've set up your Engage inbox and linked your sources, you'll notice messages 'tickets' will begin to appear.

You can now view, manage and assign team members to these tickets.

Reply to a comment

To reply to your customer's comment, simply hover above the new comment until you see a black arrow on the right-hand side.

Click on this arrow, and a new box will appear directly underneath the comment. You can add your reply here and then click 'send'.

Reply to a message

To reply to a message, simply open up this ticket and you will see the full conversation history. You can send a reply by typing in your text at the bottom and clicking on 'send'.

Assign team members

To assign an open ticket to a team member, click on the message, then click on the 'Unassigned' drop-down menu in the top-right corner. Now you will see a list of Users attached to your Flowbox account.

Once you've selected a User and assigned the ticket to them, this ticket will appear under the User's list of assigned tickets.

Manage your tickets

If you're ready to close your ticket (remove it from your Engage Inbox), simply click on the checkmark (โœ”๏ธ) icon in the top-right corner.

This ticket will now appear in the Closed tab in your Inbox, and should you change your mind, you can always click the arrow icon in the top-right corner to reopen it.

If you close a ticket, and then receive a new comment, the conversation will automatically be re-opened, and the new comment will have a small blue dot attached to it, to clearly indicate that it has not been read.

We recommend assigning tickets to team members to keep organized and help ensure that no message gets lost.

When a person reaches out to you through Messenger you have 24 hours to respond. If the person does not send a new message after the 24 hours are up no more messages can be sent back. This is due to Facebook policy.


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