Install the Flowbox iOS app

Download and install the Flowbox iOS app

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The Flowbox iOS app provides support for our clients to publish posts to Instagram on the go.

Download and install

  1. To download and install the app, simply visit the Apple App Store.

  2. Search for Flowbox.

  3. Download the free iOS app.

  4. Log in with your Flowbox credentials.

Make sure to keep the Flowbox app updated

Make sure you're using the most up to date version of the Flowbox mobile app when you publish your notification posts.

You can manually update the app if automatic updates are turned off. We advice that you keep automatic updates turned on.

Access to your Photos library

When you download the app the first time you will be shown the following pop up on your iPhone. In order to publish your first post, you will need to allow Flowbox to access your photos and open Instagram.

If you click "Don't allow", you will not be able to access photos and export to Instagram. You can manually change the access permissions by following the steps below.

Changing access permission to your iOS device photo library

  1. Select "Settings > Flowbox > Photos" on your device.

  2. Change the access permission in "Allow Photos Access"

  3. For iOS 14 or later versions, you can select the access range from "Selected photos" and "All Photos"

Don't have an iPhone?

If you are an Android user, download and install our Android app instead.

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