Auto publishing to Instagram

From today, our customers can now schedule posts directly to Instagram without the need for manual posting via the Flowbox mobile application. Instagram has made it possible and started providing access to its Content Publishing API, which supports scheduling and publishing single photos and single videos for Instagram business accounts.

Read more in our official news story about the release.

Making Flows more accessible

To allow more people to be able to consume inspiring content from our customers Flows, we are improving the accessibility of our Flows to meet the fundamental Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This initiative includes a lot of different parts, but give an example of what we have been doing so far:

  • Enhance keyboard navigation support.

  • Clarifying buttons and links.

  • Ensuring screen readers can read the various type of content in Flows.

Need to make sure your Flows are accessible? Stay tuned for more information around this topic next month!

Improvements to Flowbox Insights

With data being the new oil, we want to ensure a smooth experience in our Insight tool. Here are a few of the newly launched improvements to Flowbox Insights:

  • Clearer and more descriptive texts for each respective metric.

  • New filtering option making it possible to sort by content type.

  • Username added on the posts in the list view.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Enhanced support for the Trustpilot integration.

  • Improved user experience related to pagination in the list view in Social Insights, meaning your data is more easily accessible.

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