Enhancements to UGC DPA

With more of our clients realizing the potential value of showcasing product-specific user generated content in dynamic advertising, we have rectified a few shortcomings in our UGC DPA functionality.

This past month we have improved the import experience of catalogs in csv-format; ensured Facebook is able to fetch any additional user generated content connected to your products; furthermore, we have seen to it that both own custom_labels and Flowbox generated custom_labels can be included in the new DPA catalog.

Still haven’t utilized this functionality for your dynamic prospecting and retargeting campaigns on Facebook or Criteo? Read our success cases here:

  1. G-Star RAW sees improved results using on-brand UGC in dynamic product ads on social media thanks to Flowbox and Smartly.io

  2. Kids Brand Store records an 18% increase in conversion rate after A/B testing UGC DPA

Top Flows in Insights

Ever wondered which one of your Flows that performs the best among your visitors? Take a look at the updated component in the commercial tab of Insights where we now display a top five list of your best performing Flows in terms of conversion rate and sales.

These statistics are a good indicator of where on your site you want to drive more traffic to.

First comment support in Publish

Have you noticed that brands sometimes post a list of hashtags in the shape of a comment on their newly published posts? That’s because they want to increase the potential exposure of their posts without necessarily having to compromise with the aesthetics of the posts' caption.

With our latest update of Publish, we have now automated this behavior. When scheduling a post using the Auto Publish method you can directly add optional text that you want to automatically post as a comment instantly once the post goes live. Great, huh?

Save time and make sure your hashtags are visible and connected to your posts!

Other fixes & improvements

  • We have performed a lot of maintenance and improvement work on our system this month so that you can enjoy the continued stable performance of our platform.

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