You can now easily track the performance of any post in your Flow, including Instagram insights – all in one place. Read on to find out more.

Discover which posts in your Flow are driving the highest engagement and keep track of their performance on Instagram at the same time. Currently, we only provide data/metrics for Instagram, but we are working hard to also provide popular and valuable metrics for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter in the very near future.

View your insights

To view the Flowbox and Instagram insights of a specific post on your Flow, do the following:

  1. Log into Flowbox.

  2. Click on the ‘Visual Marketing’ menu.

  3. Go to the Flow and click on the post that you want to learn more about.

  4. Click on the ‘Insight’ tab on the top-right of your post. This tab will show you all of the information regarding how your post is performing in your Flow and on Instagram.

NOTE: Instagram insights can only be displayed if the post is published to Instagram by you.

Flowbox Insights metrics

Post views

The number of times a post has been clicked on in a Flow, up to date.

CTA (Call-to-action)

The number of users who click on CTA buttons, up to date.

Call-to-action buttons are, for example, the ‘View more’ buttons in the Flow gate.

CTR (Click-through rate)

CTR is the ratio of users who click on CTA buttons to the total number of Flow sessions, up to date.

Call to actions/Flow sessions = Click-through rate

Instagram Insights metrics

Make sure that you give Flowbox permission to access Instagram when connecting your Facebook Business Account.

Every individual post will include the following metrics:

Engagement rate

The number of reactions and comments on a post. Clicks are not included.


The number of likes on a post.


The number of comments on a post. Replies to comments are not included.


The number of times the post was saved on Instagram.


The number of times the post was shown in someone's feed.


The number of people who have seen the post in their feed.

Reach rate

The percentage of the total number of reach to the total number of followers.

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