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How to add a Call To Action button to your posts
How to add a Call To Action button to your posts

How to add Call To Action (CTA) button in Flowbox

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Call to action (CTA) button is one of the easiest ways to increase engagement on your websites. This lets you tell your visitors how to interact with your posts and give them a direct means to do so.

Add a CTA button to your posts

  1. Open the Flow where the post you want to add the button to is.

  2. Click on the post.

  3. Click on the Commerce (shopping cart) icon on the top-right.

  4. Click on "Edit CTA button".

  5. Add the URL you want the button to redirect to.

  6. Add the label (text) you want the button to display.

  7. Click on "Save".

Custom CTA buttons added to a post will not be carried over when distributing the post. This means the same post can have different CTA buttons depending of what Flow there in.

Add or remove multiple CTA buttons at a time

1. In a Flow, select multiple posts by clicking in the bottom-left checkbox.

2. In the purple bar at the bottom of the page, click on the 'Button Settings' option.

3. Now you can add or remove the CTA button to all of these posts at the same time.

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