We hope you’ve had a good summer! ☀️ In between taking some well-deserved rest, we’ve released new features and updates for Flowbox. We’ve also been planning out the rest of 2021 – stay tuned for some exciting announcements in the next couple of months!

Improved Social Insights for Instagram

We have written about Social Insights in a few of these updates during 2021. You thought we were done? No way! We are proud to release another improved iteration of Social Insights for Instagram. The latest version contains an updated interface as well as new valuable metrics such as Average Engagement Rate per media type and post tag, Most Engaging Post and more.

This data will provide you with more insights on how users engage with your brand and content, discover which posts are driving the most engagement, and help you make better data-driven decisions to optimize your Instagram strategy.

We have also introduced new tabs in the top bar to organize the metrics and statistics in the following tabs:

  • Engagement

  • Post performance

  • Account

  • Community

We will continue to roll out metrics and insights for other social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter in the future. Want to learn more about Social Insights for Instagram? Take a look at our full guide here.

Android app for Publish

Are you an Android user and someone who likes to have control and publish to Instagram manually? We got you covered! During the summer we released the Flowbox Android app for Publish so that you can prep and schedule all your social media posts via the desktop platform and publish them via your mobile device. Here is how you install it and here is how to use it. Enjoy!

Other fixes & improvements

  • We have extended the timeframe for the pending status in Rights Request from 7 to 14 days.

  • Added a user permission overview in the accounts tab of Company Settings, so that you can easily see what permissions you have granted to Flowbox.

  • Lots of other tasty stuff which we will soon announce and launch. Stay tuned!

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