Once you've installed the Flowbox plugin, it's a good idea to check your locale settings to make sure your Flows are aligned with the language of the page.

Flowbox supports a wide range of languages and regions - you can see our full list here.

The Flowbox plugin for Magento 2.0 pulls in the locale information from the value that the 'lang' attribute holds inside of <html> tag.

To clarify, 'lang' is an attribute that every page contains and the 'lang' attribute specifies the language of the content that is visible on the page.

The easiest way to find your 'lang' attribute is to right-hand any part of the page and choose 'Inspect' The 'lang' attribute is typically at the top of the HTML.

Usually, this parameter holds a value similar to 'en-GB' or 'nl-NL' but sometimes it might just say 'en' or 'NL'.

In order for Flowbox to work properly, the locale settings need to be in the 'xx-XX' format. This means that if the 'lang' attribute on your Magento store is set as 'en' or 'NL', then Flowbox won't be able to pull in all the regional/language data it needs.

We recommend going into your Magento store and changing the 'lang' parameter from 'xx' to 'xx-XX'.

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