Before you begin

The first step is making sure that you fulfill these requirements:

  • You have the Commerce product enabled and a Product List uploaded to Flowbox.

  • You have collected posts with products connected in Moderate.

  • You have your individual Checkout Script API Key. Ask your Client Success Manager about this.

Install the Flowbox plugin for Magento 2.0 🏗

The Flowbox plugin can be downloaded from the Magento Marketplace. In order for the checkout script to work you need to make sure you have downloaded the latest version - release 1.4.6.

If you are running an earlier version of the plugin, you will need to upgrade it for the checkout script to work.

Implementing the checkout script

To set up the checkout script, you just need to follow the steps.

  1. In the Admin panel, click on ‘Store’ then ‘Configuration’.

  2. Select Flowbox.

  3. Under ‘General’ settings set Flowbox to ‘enable’ and add your API key.

  4. Select your identifier from the drop-down menu. Make sure that the identifier corresponds to the product catalog(s) in your Flowbox account.

  5. Remember to click on the orange ‘Save Configuration’ button. You will now be able to track the sales and conversion data in Flowbox.
    Please allow up to 24 hours after connecting, before you see the data in Flowbox.

If the checkout identifier drop-down menu is missing from your view, it means that you are currently using an older version of the plugin. We advise you to upgrade the module to the latest version.

It is always recommended to flush the cache in Magento after each update. To flush the cache, go back to the Admin Panel, click on ‘System’, then ‘Cache Management’.

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