This month has been about getting back into work mode again after the Summer, and we sure delivered. 💪🏼 We have managed to push out more than 25 smaller releases to our platform in September – here are our top 8.

Visual Marketing

1. Improvements to the hide post and hide product logic in Flows
We have made some changes so you can ensure all posts in your Flows are shoppable. Previously you could not hide a post that contained 100% of products that were out of stock, now you can. Simply select ‘Hide product’ in the ‘Stock availability’ menu in your Flow’s Settings menu and make sure you toggle on ‘Hide Posts’.

2. Updated pinned post logic 📌

Are you someone who likes to have control over the ordering of posts in a Flow? We have a small but sweet update for you! If you pinned more than 29 posts before, there was a risk that some posts would not display at all. This has been resolved and you can now pin as much as you want.

3. Enabled links to specific posts in Moderate

Every now and then you might have a question about a specific post which you have collected in a Flow. If you recognize and have experienced this yourself, you know that we have had to chat back-and-forth to identify which post you were talking about. That’s long gone – now each post in Moderate has a unique link which you can send to us right away next time you have a question.

4. Ensured that rejected posts do not get collected again

Before we had problems with some posts that had been rejected that were recollected after a certain amount of days – this hiccup has been fought for good now.

5. Improved stability in the UGC DPA username setting
In some cases, the image_link had the wrong value (username) in custom_label which caused a discrepancy between these two fields. This has now been resolved.

Publish & Social Insights

6. Added functionality to select thumbnails when auto-publishing videos to Facebook and Instagram 🖼
I think we all know how much thumbnails matter when we give a Netflix movie or Spotify song a chance, there is no difference for social media videos. Therefore, we have (of course) added this functionality so you can select your own eye-catching thumbnails.

7. Added average line to charts in Social Insights
When you analyze data you probably look for positive and negative trends. But how to set the bar? You need an average of course. Now you can see the average line in your charts within Social insights.


8. Flowbox Academy 🎓

Have you noticed a new icon with a symbol of a graduation hat in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform? That’s our newly introduced Flowbox Academy. This handy shortcut will show you relevant video content so that you can learn new things and take your Flowboxin’ to the next level.

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