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Shopify plugin guide: Installation & configuration
Shopify plugin guide: Installation & configuration

A guide to installing and using the Flowbox plugin for Shopify

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By using the Flowbox plugin on your Shopify website, you can implement Flowbox's features in your store without any coding and technical knowledge. It offers a user-friendly platform on the Shopify admin panel that allows you to create, manage and display Flows on your website.

Plugin installation

1. Log into your Shopify account. Go to the Apps section, search for Flowbox and install the app from Shopify by clicking on 'Install app'.

2. Once installed, you’ll be able to set up your Flows and implement them in your store.

Implementing Flows in the plugin

After the installation is completed, you can implement Flowbox on your Shopify Store pages.

You can create five different types of Flows in the Flowbox plugin for Shopify:

  1. Static Flow – typically used on the home page and/or a community page.

  2. Dynamic Tag Flow – perfect for an Instashop or category pages.

  3. Dynamic Tag Flow with filtering options – a special type of Dynamic Tag Flow where the filtering options will enable visitors to switch what content they see. It works very well for Inspiration pages where you want to showcase a lot of content based on the user's button selection.

  4. Dynamic Product Flow – create shoppable galleries on your product pages.

  5. Dynamic Product Flow in gallery – serve content dynamically based on a product. But instead of being its own element on the product page, the content will be automatically incorporated in the product gallery/slider.

Click on the Flow types to see a detailed guide how to implement each of them.

Embedding and implementing the Checkout script

Due to recent changes in Shopify it is no longer possible to implement the checkout script from the Flowbox plugin. Please visit the guide linked below where an updated implementation method is presented.

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