Fasten your seat belt and hold your horses, because this month we have two big news to present.

Introducing sequences to Dynamic Product Flows

As you probably already know, Flowbox enables you to automatically match the content displayed in your Flow on the product page with the product that a visitor is viewing. When there is no more content with the specific product, we have offered the opportunity to display content with similar products. This has been quite generic based on the fields product_type or google_product_category in your product catalog.

And now, we have introduced sequences. This feature allows you to customize sequences of content which will be served, in their respective order, after the product specific content – based on almost all the fields available in your product catalog.

You can configure up to 5 sequences, and each sequence can consist of 3 fields available in your product catalog. Compared to before, it can't (and shouldn't) only be based on product_type or google_product_category – now you can utilize all the following fields: brand, age_group, color, gender, google_product_category, material, product_type, size, item_group_id, custom_label_0, custom_label_1, custom_label_2, custom_label_3, custom_label_4.

Sweet, right?! 🤩 To start utilizing this functionality, your product flow needs to have a Flow type set to Dynamic Product Flow. If you have not already done so, take a look at this guide. Then you can navigate to your Flow settings by clicking the Settings cogwheel and clicking the tab named ‘Advanced’.

Oh yes, one more thing – we have also moved the functionality of setting a general Fallback Flow to this view, as well as introduced a new setting that can hide your Dynamic Product Flow in case there are less than X product-specific pieces of content. You now have complete control over the dynamic content on your product pages!

Introducing Smart Tags

To help you spend less time on moderating content, we have introduced Smart Tags! This is part of Flowbox’s latest AI technology offering that analyzes the first image of a post and identifies concepts and objects. Keywords are automatically tagged so you can search for them in the search bar and find relevant content. Cool, huh? 😎

As Smart Tags are powered by AI, all manual work is removed from your end. It couldn’t be easier! All your visual content collected in your Visual Moderate inbox will be automatically tagged with Smart Tags based on the first images of the post. You can see an example in the screenshot below:

Interested to try it out? Smart Tags are included in all Flowbox premium plans and are offered as an add-on service for growth and advanced packages. If you want to activate Smart Tags please contact your CSM. Read more about it here.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Added functionality so a whitelisted username can be set as a tag automatically.

  • Introduction of Flow Types.

  • Enabled accurate preview of a Dynamic Product Flow within Setup & Styling.

  • Enabled accurate preview Dynamic Tag Flow within Setup & Styling.

  • Added detailed Facebook Insights to help you make better data-driven decisions to optimize your Facebook strategy.

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