Deleted products marked as out-of-stock

Until now, whenever a product was deleted from a catalog the product remained in Flowbox and seemed shoppable. Now if a product is deleted from the feed, it will be automatically marked as OOS. This way, customers can choose to hide OOS products in their Flow settings, and rest assured that they will not lose all their previously tagged posts in case the product comes back in the feed.

Automatic updates of product identifiers in shopping feeds

Previously if a brand reimports a product catalog in Flowbox, we would see duplicate products with the new ID. This behavior has now been improved: Flowbox will automatically map the old IDs to the new ones and update them. This will ensure that any content tagged with products will retain its product tags – no retagging needed. Make sure the ID used in the checkout script corresponds to the product catalogs in your Flowbox account. Any mismatches will lead to an error.

Social Insights for Pinterest

We have now added comprehensive social analytics for Pinterest. You can now see everything from fan growth, reach, and engagement, to how much traffic you drive to the website via your profile bio and the demographics of your follower base. Learn more about Pinterest social insights here.

Coming soon: New Email Assets

The tech team is putting the final touches on the new Email Assets feature. This enables brands to recover more revenue from email marketing, by bringing authentic and inspiring content to the right people at the right time.

All brands doing email marketing are familiar with decreased open rates, click-through rates, and revenue. Consumers are basically becoming immune. Flowbox’s Email Assets integrates with your email service provider, and lets you easily, quickly and automatically showcase inspiring and authentic product or theme-specific user generated content in your email marketing activities, to help fight fatigue and boost your KPIs.

First up, we will be releasing Dynamic Product Asset. Users can set up content distribution based on custom tags, content source or products into abandoned cart and order confirmation emails.

Other fixes & improvements

  • Content upload in Library has had some updates to make it more user friendly, including the added ability to cancel an upload if needed. Depending on size, file upload can still take time, but now platform usage will no longer be interrupted.

  • Whilst Flowbox now supports manual product feeds, it is also possible to edit and delete already existing custom products in Flowbox. This makes it easier for customers that want to switch from their custom products to a manual product feed, without losing any previously tagged posts.

  • Navigation update: We’ve started gathering distribution channels in one place in the main navigation menu to make them easier to find and start using. Find out more about email assets or UGC DPA here!

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