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A guide on how to use Hotspots to mark products on a photo

Written by Chantal van den Berg
Updated over a week ago

With the Hotspots feature, you can include numbered bubbles to a Post that correspond to the tagged products within this Post. You have the ability to move the hotspots within the image and place them on the product they identify. It is possible to add multiple hotspots to a Post.


  • The Hotspot feature is only available for single image posts and not for multi image posts or video posts.

  • Hotspots are not visible on mobile devices.

How to add the Hotspots?

1. Go to the Post where you would like to add the Hotspots

2. Go to the tab where you add the Products (make sure that Products are added)

3. Click on the 'Add Hotspot' button on a tagged Product (product card)

4. Click on the Product in the image to place the Hotspot

5. Repeat this for the other Products if desired.

6. When you have added the Hotspots as desired, click on 'Close' to turn back to the default mode.

How to adjust the Hotspots?

To adjust the placement of the Hotspots, click and drag the Hotspots within the image.

Reorder product cards by clicking and dragging cards. The number that has been assigned for each Product depends on the order in which the Products have been assigned. The Hotspot number always matches the product card.

How to remove the Hotspots?

Remove a Hotspot by clicking on the Remove Hotspot icon on the tagged Product.


If you would like to add the Hotspots to posts that have been distributed to other Flows, you have to add the Hotspots to the post within the distributed Flow and not to the post in the Master Flow. If you would like to add the Hotspots to a Post that is not distributed to other Flows yet, you can add the Hotspots to the Post in the Master Flow and distribute it to other Flows after this.

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