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A guide on how to use the Product Recognition tool to automatically identify your products on posts

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The Product Recognition feature allows you to tag your posts with suggested matching products from your Primary catalog, without having to manually search for them using product ID or name. It makes tagging products on your post much easier and faster!


  • Please contact your designated Customer Success Manager in case you want to add this Premium feature to your package.

  • It is only available for single image posts and not for multi image posts or video posts.

  • Products are only suggested from your Primary catalog.

How to use the Product Recognition tool?

1. Go to any post in a Flow where you would like to use Product Recognition.

2. Go to the 'Commerce' tab and click the 'Add Products' option.

3. Click on the 'Add with Product Recognition' button

4. Use the image cropper to mark the product you want to identify. After a few seconds, the Product Recognition tool will display a list of suggested products that match the selected part of the image.

5. Choose the product from the list that you want to add to the post and click on the 'Add product' button.

6. The added product is now listed below the list of recognized products.

7. You can use the Product Recognition tool on multiple products within the same post by following the same process.

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