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Here's a quick guide to get started with your verification email and verify the user's email address.

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A Verified user is someone who has verified their email address and is thus marked with a Verified user badge. This badge serves as proof to potential buyers that the review was written by a real person rather than a computer program, and it is a straightforward yet effective means of building trust through transparency.

The reviews widget automatically displays the reviewer badge without any additional effort required on your part. Reviews that are created on the site widget but have not been verified through email are considered anonymous and will not a get Verified user badge and they will appear as a regular review without any special identification.

Here is a quick guide to get started and send user verification. Once an onsite review is submitted, a verification Email will be sent from Flowbox, and when the Identify of the user is verified, the Verified User badge is appended to the review.

Step 1 - Design Verification Email Template

First, you need to design and style the verification Email template to match your brand guidelines.

Step 2- Configure the emails which Flowbox may send to customers on your behalf

Step 3- Send User Verification Email.

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