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What Are the List of Supported Locale?
What Are the List of Supported Locale?
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The locale property needs to be a combination of language and region codes: e.g. sv-SE or es-ES. It serves two purposes. Firstly, it is used to translate the texts within the widget and forms to the selected language, Secondly, it specifies the catalog from which we should fetch data for assigned products, such as product titles, currency, and product link and etc.


In order to display the correct product, you need to make sure the product feed with the correct Locale ( Language and Region) is imported to Flowbox.

How to change the language in the widget?

Changing the language in Ratings and Review Widgets is done by changing the value of the locale property in the embed code. The locale needs to have both a language and a region code to work correctly: e.g. en-EU (language: English - Region: Europe) or se-SE (language: Swedish - region: Sweden). In order to get a correct translation, you will have to pick a language.

How to change the language in the Dynamic Links?

Changing the language in Dynamic is done by changing the value of the locale property in the Link.

Our Supported Languages

English en

Swedish sv

French fr

Dutch nl

Spanish es

Finnish fi

German de

If you pass in a local with an unsupported language, buttons, and text will be displayed in English.

Our Supported Regions

Australia: -AU

Europe: -EU

Lithuania: -LT

Singapore: -SG

Austria: -AT

Finland: -FI

Luxembourg: -LU

Slovakia: -SK

Belgium: -BE

France: -FR

Macau: -MO

South Africa: -ZA

Brazil: -BR

Germany: -DE

Malta: -MT

South Korea: -KR

Bulgaria: -BG

Greece: -GR

Mexico: -MX

Spain: -ES

Canada: -CA

Hong Kong: -HK

Monaco: -MC

Sweden: -SE

Chile: -CL

Hungary: -HU

Morocco: -MA

Switzerland: -CH

China: -CN

India: -IN

New Zealand: -NZ

Taiwan: -TW

Colombia: -CO

Indonesia: -ID

Norway: -NO

Thailand: -TH

Costa Rica: -CR

Ireland: -IE

Philippines: -PH

The Netherlands:


Croatia: -HR

Israel: -IL

Poland: -PL

Turkey: -TR

Cyprus: -CY

Italy: -IT

Portugal: -PT

United Arab Emirates: -AE

Czechia: -CZ

Japan: -JP

Qatar: -QA

United Kingdom: -GB

Denmark: -DK

Latvia: -LV

Romania: -RO

United States: -US

Egypt: -EG

Latvia: -LV

Russia: -RU

Estonia: -EE

Lebanon: -LB

Saudi Arabia: -SA

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