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How to Display Reviews from Multiple Stores?
How to Display Reviews from Multiple Stores?

A Quick Guide to Flowbox Multi-language Widget.

Updated over a week ago

When a brand sells the same product on multiple domains or platforms, consolidating reviews from all those sources can be highly beneficial. By displaying reviews across multiple domains on one page, the brand creates a centralized hub of social proof, making it easier for customers to access and evaluate the overall sentiment around the product. This approach ensures that potential customers don't miss out on valuable feedback and experiences shared by others. Our Multi-language Widget feature allows you to consolidate reviews from different storefronts (domain) and display them on one page.

In order to get it to work the List Widget should be integrated into the page.

How to Enable Multi-language on your List widget?

Login to your Flowbox Account.

STEP 1: Click 'Ratings and Reviews'.

STEP 2: Click 'Widgets' Under Display.

STEP 3: Select the List widget that you want to activate structured data on and click the edit Icon.

STEP 4: Under Filters, enable Multi-language.

STEP 5: ( Optional) Enable Language Filter.

Enable Language Filter on your Widget so that your consumers can filter the reviews based on the review Language.

STEP 6 : Save Changes.

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