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How To Design Your Product Review Request Email Template?
How To Design Your Product Review Request Email Template?

A Guide On How to Design and Customize Your Product Review Request Template To Match Your Brand Guidelines.

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This email is intended for customers who have completed a purchase, with the aim of motivating them to share their thoughts and leave a review for the product they've acquired. You have the possibility of customizing the style and content of this Email.

To add this Premium feature to your Flowbox account, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Login to your Flowbox Account.

STEP 1: Click 'Ratings and Reviews'.

STEP 2: Click 'Email' Under Automate.

STEP 3: STEP 3: Choose "Product review request" and Click 'View'.

Style the Product Review Request Email Template

  1. page background color: Defines the background color of the Email in the Desktop view.

  2. Container Background color: Defines the background color of the container.

  3. Secondary color: Defines the divider color.

  4. Primary text color: Defines the text color for the titles.

  5. Secondary text color: Defines the text color for the body text.

  6. Typography font: Defines the font of the form.

We only support web-safe fonts for Email. Web-safe fonts refer to a group of fonts that are commonly available across different operating systems and web browsers. These fonts are considered safe to use in web design because they are widely supported and are likely to be installed on users' computers.

Customize the Product Review Request Email Content

Similar to styling, upon visiting the Product Review Email Content page, you will see a preview of what your Product Reviews Email will look like on the Left and your customizable options on the right. These changes that you make will be reflected live on the Preview on the left.

  1. Language: Choose the language to preview and customize the Email.

  2. Subject: Customise the subject of the review request Email.

  3. Variables: You can use these variables to provide a more personalized Email when sending a product review request.

  4. Salutation: Customizes the salutation message for for Email.

  5. Email body: Customizes the body of for Email.

  6. Footer: You can customize the footer

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