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What are Reviewer Badges?
What are Reviewer Badges?
Updated over a week ago

Reviewer badges are a simple yet powerful method for conveying the trustworthiness of your reviews, promoting buyer confidence through increased transparency.

Flowbox supports two types of reviewer badges and they are seamlessly integrated into the Reviews Widget and do not require any additional implementation from your end.

  • Verified

  • Verified Buyer


A Verified user is someone who has verified their email address with Flowbox. The Verified user badge, which involves email verification, serves as proof to shoppers that the review was authored by a real individual and not auto-generated by a bot.

Here is a quick guide to get started and send user verification. Once an onsite review is submitted, a verification Email will be sent from Flowbox, and when the identity of the user is verified, the Verified User badge is appended to the review.

Verified Buyer

A Verified Buyer is an individual who has purchased the reviewed product from your store and submitted their review through a specific process that verifies their purchase history. This distinction is designed to distinctly recognize reviewers who own the product.

Here is a quick guide to get started and integrate your purchase history.


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