Sometimes you might encounter some problems when connecting your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts to Flowbox. For example, you might have granted Flowbox access to pages or accounts you don't want Flowbox to have access to 😱 Or maybe you're experiencing some other problem with your connection. 

Don't fret, however; fixing is easy.

  1. Start by going to and disconnect your Facebook account: 

2. Go to and remove Flowbox from the Active business integrations:

3. Make sure not to check the checkbox in this step if you'd like to keep your posts in Flowbox:

4. Go back to Flowbox and connect your Facebook account anew by clicking the "Connect new account" button

5. Follow the Facebook auth procedure to connect your account to Flowbox

6. If you don't want Flowbox to be able to access all of your Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, click "Choose what you allow" when you get to this step:

7. Deselect the Instagram accounts and Facebook pages you don't want want to grant Flowbox permissions for (but make sure to select corresponding Facebook pages and Instagram accounts for the ones you choose to allow access to):

8. Press "OK", and you're done 👌

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