In order to be able to send your content from your Library in Flowbox, to Facebook Image Assets, we first need to setup the integration between Flowbox and Facebook Business Manager. Make sure that the user configuring the integration has Admin access to your Facebook Business Manager. 

1. Log in to Flowbox and open Library

2. Click on Facebook Image Assets folder.

3. Click on the button "Grant Permission to Facebook"

4. You will now be directed to Facebook where you will be asked to continue with your personal Facebook account, click on "Continue as *NAME*"

5. You can now pick which Facebook Ad accounts you want to give Flowbox permission to send images to.

6. Make sure that permissions to Ads are turned on by clicking on "What you allow" and check that Manage your ads and Access your Facebook ads and related stats are toggled on. Note: The permission will only allow Flowbox to send images to your Facebook Image Assets. 

7.  Continue following the steps and once done, you will be directed back to Flowbox automatically.

8. It’s now time to select which Ad accounts you want to send images to. Open Library again and click on Facebook Image Assets in the left hand menu.

9. Click on the button "Ad account settings" in the top right.

10. A modal will now open and you’re able to select which Ad accounts Flowbox can send assets to. You can at any time go back here and select/deselect Ad Accounts.

11. Once you’ve chosen your account(s), click "Save & Close".

That's it! The integration between Flowbox and you Ad account(s) is now up and running 🎉

Continue to this article for instructions on how to send images to your Facebook Image Assets.

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