Sending images to Facebook Image Assets

How to send content collected by Flowbox to Facebook Image Assets

Written by Davy Laudet
Updated over a week ago

Once you've connected your Facebook Ads account to Flowbox, it's easy to sync images to Facebook Image Assets. Just follow this step by step guide:

1. Log into Flowbox and open the 'Library' menu and select the image you want to send to Facebook Image Assets. You select the image by clicking on the checkbox in the top-left corner.

2. A new button will now appear in the footer-menu of Library – 'Send to assets'.

3. Click on 'Send to assets', and the image will now be sent to the Image Assets belonging to the Ad account(s) you have previously configured.  

4. The image will instantly be sent to Facebook Image Assets and a green ‘sync’ icon underneath the image will indicate that it has been synchronized to Facebook. 

5. To bulk-send several images at once, repeat steps 1-4, but this time select more than one image.

At this moment, the transfer of video files is currently not supported.

6. Finally, log into your Facebook Ad Account and you can now find your Flowbox image(s) ready to be used in your social media ads. 🤩

We include some post data in the file name once sent to Facebook to make it easier for you to find the right content. The data we include (if applicable) are:

  • Instagram username

  • Flowbox tag(s)

  • Product ID(s)

You can automatically synchronize complete folders full of Flowbox content to Facebook Image Assets. Take a look at this article to learn more 🚀

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