Before you go ahead and generate your first feed, have a read of this walk-through of the default settings as well as the optional settings.

Default settings

Default settings adapt to your optional selected settings.

Flowbox expects you to import a catalog with your inventory that follows Facebook’s supported formats and requirements. If you have products that do not meet Facebook's requirements for Dynamic ads, they will automatically be removed. If your catalog does not contain the fields product identifier (ID, Item Group, GTIN or MPN), image_link and either brand, MPN or GTIN – Flowbox will not be able to generate a UGC DPA catalog for you.

It's important that your feed is in RSS XML or CSV format and contains the same identifier used for importing catalogs to Flowbox.

  • Flowbox will exchange the image_link when there is content tagged with a product that exists in your feed.

  • When a product is tagged in two separate posts, the one with the most recent publishing date will be selected as the image_link.

  • When posts are tagged with several products, the image will be attached under both products as additional_image_link. Flowbox will make sure that the image_link across all products is as unique as possible to avoid duplicates.

  • When the same product is tagged in several posts, the images will be added as additional_image_link.

  • Flowbox will only include approved content that is tagged with products.

Optional settings

You can set your own optional settings. You can find short explanations below:

  • Choose the same identifier used in the primary catalog:
    – Select the identifier which is used to import your catalogs to Flowbox in general. This is needed to be able to match two sources with each other.

  • Exclude all products that don't contain UGC:
    – The product(s) where Flowbox could not replace the product images with UGC will be removed. This can be used to verify that the visual assets will align with each other or make it easier to set up an A/B-test.

  • Choose the placement of the UGC asset:
    – Select whether you want Flowbox to replace the content in the primary image_link field or additional_image_link field. This gives you more flexibility in terms of design if you are using a third-party tool like to create your ads.

  • Prioritize the selection of the primary UGC asset:
    – Flowbox will by default insert the content with the most recent posting date as your primary image_link. However, this setting allows you to base it on Flowscore to ensure that you are showing the highest performing content in your ads. This works optimally if you have Flowscore on a well-visited flow on the website with the majority of your content. Read more about Flowscore here.

  • Only include content with status Granted:
    – By default, Flowbox will only include Approved content. This setting ensures that only content with status Granted is included.

  • In carousel posts, only include the first image if posted:
    – We recommend toggling this 'on' as we know from experience that all images in a carousel post do not necessarily contain your products. This setting ensures that you have more control over which images are included as your product images.

  • Exclude all custom posts:
    – Custom posts are posts that you have created yourself through the 'Create Post' button in a Flow, this setting excludes those posts.

  • Select the time frame limit on content to be included:
    – Set a limit for how old a post can be to be included in the feed to have high relevance.

  • Only include content with selected tag(s), all else will be excluded:
    – Gives you more control of what content is included, could be if you only want to include content from a specific category or season.

  • Send the posts tags a custom label:
    – Transfer the Flowbox tags to the custom_label field, for you to easily create and promote product sets. When posts have multiple tags, all will be included in the same field so you can use the contain(s) variable in Facebook Ads Manager.

  • Send posts username as custom label:
    – Select the custom_label where you want the post username. This allows you to showcase and credit your customers by highlighting their username in the creatives. It's not possible to connect a custom_label field to a image_link / additional_image_link field, therefore the username will represent the content of the primary image_link.

Please note that Flowbox can only handle and save the same fields as Facebook supports. If you pass in anything other than what is listed in the table below, it will not be included in your new catalog generated from Flowbox.

































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